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We need individuality

by on December 27, 2012

It’s the rousing finale to Billy Elliot and it’s fair to say that people around the world come in countless variations of individual heights, weights, shapes, hair-colours, eye-colours and lifestyle preferences. Nevertheless, all of these myriad individuals are squeezed (or lumped) into “consumer groups” by product manufacturers who then create items based on assumptions about their lifestyle categories.

Assume = Ass + U + Me

It’s an old joke but it still rings true. While assumptions are a convenient tool for avoiding information overload, by their very nature they are broad generalizations which overlook individual circumstances. Industrial manufacturers generally work on fine margins which means that they need to sell vast numbers of identical products in order to make a profit. Their approach is therefore to convince potential consumers that the solution they have created fits whatever problem they have rather than taking the time to create individual solutions to meet their customer’s requirements. In short their approach is to make the foot fit the shoe

Horses for courses

Horseshoes have changed very little since medieval times and neither has the golden principle of farriery – make the shoe fit the horse. Even today, any farrier who tried to shape the horse’s foot to make it easier to shoe would rapidly go out of business. Nevertheless many people have become accustomed to accepting ready-made solutions for their own lifestyle requirements. This may be cheaper than a tailor-made solution but the savings can often turn out to be false economy.

Getting it right first time is cheaper than doing it twice

Look around any house, garage or shed and it’s almost guaranteed that somewhere there will be at least one item which never gets used. In most places there are several and these shopping mistakes can prove to be expensive. Many of these discarded items come under the category of “almost right”. The problem is the word “almost”, little niggles which seem acceptable on a website or in a shop or showroom tend to add up to major irritations once an item is brought home and lived with.

Buying bespoke can save money and hassle

Going to an expert craftsperson to have an item tailor-made may seem like an expensive luxury, but it can often be a compelling investment. In addition to knowing that the item will be exactly right for its intended purpose, bespoke items are typically made out of high-quality materials and display excellent workmanship, making them pieces to enjoy over the long-term.

Fashion Accessories And Women

by on August 15, 2012

Women’s Fashion Accessories Fashion accessories can be referred to as decorative items that complement any worn garment. They may include jewelry, handbags, belts, scarves, watches and many others. They add color, style and class to an outfit that would have been otherwise regarded to as plain. Many fashion accessories are designed by clothing design companies.

Fashion accessories can be visuals symbolizing religious affiliations. This kind of accessories can be crucifixes, skullcap and turbans. Other designer accessories are used to indicate the social status of the one wearing them. Womens Fashion Accessories include: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts, scarves, handbags and hair bands. Fashion accessories can be classified into two: those that are worn and those that are carried.

All the fashion accessories have evolved with time. Some accessories that were there in the ancient times included the tulle shawls, the muff and the tippet. These are just but a few and were mainly found in England. The turbans and the hats were also regarded as fashionable.

The 20th century saw womens fashion accessories evolve. This came about as their way of dressing changed. The dresses were more practical and not much accessories were needed. It is not until after the world wars that the accessories began to emerge. Accessories such as corsage and eye-wear were used for the first time.

The stiletto was also introduced then. Accessories are mostly favored as they are easy to observe from a far. For a good accessory to be observed and admired from a far, it has to make a fashion statement. The importance of fashion accessories is always more than what we see on the surface. They help reflect the personality of the person wearing a certain type of accessory. They will help people know if she is extravagant or just thrifty. In certain occasions, the accessories help choose a certain fashion theme.

The clothes worn will be determined by the type of accessories chosen. Many women will invest a lot in their accessories. This is because a good accessory will speak volumes of your personality and help in making an outfit classy. Not only do they spend a lot of money in the accessories but also their time. Many essential hours are spent in choosing the right accessories. How you represent yourself to others is everything. This will determine how they will treat you and if they will be interested in you at all.

The popularity of vintage pieces

by on April 30, 2012

Vintage fashion has been highly discussed for the last years. Some love it, some hate it. But one thing is for sure: vintage clothes have become part and parcel of urban subculture. You can find hundreds of shops specialized in second hand clothes in metropolises such as Paris, Berlin, London or New York. People seem to be crazy about eccentric vintage pieces and willing to spend a lot of money on them.

This phenomenon might be linked to the fact that many are tired of mass-produced clothes and therefore looking for pieces to create their individual style. Another reason for people loving vintage clothing is that designer pieces from prior collections become affordable. Some of the advantages of designer clothes are its longevity and timelessness, while clothes off the peg tend to get out of style very quickly. They are usually not made to last and lose their good looks after a few wash cycles.

The older, the more precious

A special case is formed by vintage jewelry since it even becomes more valuable with age. Some people for example collect precious vintage watches from a certain era or decade. Old luxury watches are also a great gift idea for special occasions such as anniversaries or graduations. Many men nowadays opt for a vintage diamond ring to propose to their future wives. People love the idea of jewelry that can tell stories about the people it once belonged to. Especially pieces that are passed along from one generation to another have a great value – both in a material and emotional way.
At times when junk jewelry overstocks the market, people want to be thinking of precious and unique pieces that will not get out of style with changing fashion trends. Vintage jewelry therefore is just perfect to fit those needs.

Accessorizing the bridesmaid dresses

by on February 27, 2012

If you are invited at a wedding as a bridesmaid, you won’t have so many choices about the bridesmaid dresses. The tradition requests for the bride to choose the model of the dress, and usually, the brides that want to attract all the looks at the wedding will make sure that the model of bridesmaid dresses that they choose is common. However, even if you can’t change so much about the dress, when it comes to accessorizing, you have all the freedom in the world.

The art of dressing implies the accessories also. A simple black envelope handbag will look great with any outfit, and if you are able to choose an inspired pair of shoes, the image will be complete. Don’t think that you are elegant just because you have bought a large number of cheap handbags and shoes just to match all the dresses you have home. Instead of buying all those items, think about a good-looking handbag with a black color that can be suited even with the most pretentious models of bridesmaid dresses. As for the jewelries, sometimes a discrete but attractive necklace looks better than a pair of huge earrings and tons of bracelets, and this is why you will need to be inspired while choosing them.

Diamonds to suit all budgets

by on April 29, 2011

Diamonds are the perfect gems to use in items of jewellery. They are elegant, classy and highly sought after. However, some people are put off seeking them because they assume they will be out of their price range.

Of course, there are versions of the objects that are vastly expensive. This reflects the rarity of the stones and the high demand for them among consumers. However, it is important to note that there are also many more affordable pieces for people to peruse.

Indeed, these days there are diamonds to suit all budgets. Depending on the size, colour and cut of the objects, as well as the trading policies of the vendors who sell them, these offerings can range considerably in price, from low to very high.

The important thing for consumers to bear in mind is that there should be products that fall within their spending limits. For this reason, anyone who automatically rules out purchasing such an offering because of assumptions concerning their cost may be doing themselves a considerable disservice.

One factor that has brought down the price of these gems over recent years is the use of the web for trading. By heading online to firms such as Marlows Certified Diamonds, consumers can pick up custom engagement rings and other such offerings at great prices. Not only this, but they also have a vast selection of items to choose from, meaning they should be able to find something within their spending limit that meets their requirements perfectly.

Jack Jones Clothing Range

by on April 21, 2011

If your looking for a new label to add some inspiration into your wardrobe then check out the Jack Jones clothing range. Jack Jones mainly targets the younger man who is fashion conscious and enjoys looking good. All the clothing ranges have perfect fit no matter what your size so you wont be looking like you have your dads old t-shirt on.

Based out of Denmark Jack Jones is one of the leading labels in today’s youth culture and others clothing ranges to suit all, including Premium Tech for the sporty look, Premium Line for the middle aged man with classic designs and then the Vintage line.

The Jack Jones vintage tees are perfect for casual wear and can be snapped up on a bargain at Reem Clothing for around £10 a pop. Hoodies would be another ideal choice for them colder summer nights with pop hoodies coming in at around £30.

The build up to Christmas seems to take forever, what with the inevitably high expectations and anticipation causing time to slow down. Yet when it happens, Christmas passes remarkably fast, and before you know it the New Year is upon us. You know what that means – time for the January sales to help thoroughly wipe you out. This period of time is a blessing for those who plan ahead – you can shop for next Christmas straight away! This is a great panic-saver, especially if you have kids to buy for. On the other hand, your kids may have received money for Christmas and want to spend it. There’s no better place than the January sale at online department store, whose range of child friendly products include gadgets, toys, and clothes.
We live in a technological age, and no one seems to recognise that more than the younger generations. Even the smallest children seem to be demanding mobile phones, laptops and DVD players, much to the horror of their parents. However, there are some great products out there, specially designed to introduce younger children to the world of technology without costing any adults too much in the initial buy, or the inevitable replacement. Examples of perfect products from the site include Barbie and Ben 10 portable DVD players, one for the girls and one for the boys, as well as a range of digital cameras, laptops and video recorders adorned with various recognisable characters. The January sale sees these great items reduced in price, a perfect opportunity for you to treat your kids just a little bit more.
If you would rather go a more traditional (and less expensive!) route, also offers a wide range of some of our familiar favourites for little ones. Sylvanian families have been making a bit of a comeback, playing on the success of the “Compare the Market” adverts with their newest family of animals – Meerkats! Soft toys are always a hit with kids, and Very have a number of their favourite faces – Peppa Pig, Barney, the Zingzillas and even Perry the Platypus, or Agent P, from the hit Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.
When it comes down to it though, you may rather treat the kids to something they might not appreciate quite as much, but that they’ll get some real use out of in the coming year! You can save up to 40% on children’s winter clothes at, and if they need any new pieces of uniform for school in the New Year there is also a wide range of clothing for boys and girls including black skirts and trousers and a range of sensible shoes. As an added bonus, also has several children’s lunchboxes on offer, perfect for packed lunches.
No matter what your child needs or wants, you’ll find it at, and during the January sale there really is no reason not to buy! even offer free delivery on all their items, so you can order direct to your doorstep. Keep your eye on for the latest news about the January sale.

Half Length Jacket for Women By Moncler

by on November 29, 2010

Are you looking for a smart red jacket with a fur hood? It would look great with a denim, isn’t it? Yes and that is why Designers at Moncler have made Moncler Nantes Hooded Down Coat Dark Red. This wonderful jacket for women is half-length and has a smart looking elastic belt clinched to its body, which makes you look smarter. The pockets are placed perfectly and horizontal quilting makes the moncler jackets look sleeker and smarter. Buy this wonderful piece now from and avail a discount of more than 75%!


by on November 10, 2010

I am thinking this piece is late, late 1950′s or 1960′s
- Monogram canvas, leather trim, and handles
- Interior is muslin or linena and shows age
- Zipper is fully functional however there is a section of leather that has come unstitched, but doesn’t interfere with zipper functionality as long as you are careful.
_ this is a pieces that has a wood foundation and is in really great shape for it’s age, however keep in mind it is 40+ years old

Vintage Gucci Coat

by on November 9, 2010

It’s a marriage of classic and chic…this timeless piece will see you through many seasons.
Exquisitely designed with leather piping and self belted back. Snap closure is detailed with a twist and lock enamel tiger at waist. And of course it is fully lined with signature Gucci silk fabric.

ERA: Late 60′s.


Vintage One Piece Swimsuit

by on November 8, 2010

Simple 1960s one piece swim suit with a cute graphic coral and starfish print in white, yellow, red, purple, and black. It is a tank style suit that has low cut leg openings and a low cut back.

The tag is written in Russian, but is marked size 46. Best for a modern large or medium.

There is a built in bra cup of the stiff 1960s type. It would be pretty easy to just cut this out if desired or a tailor could sew in a new one pretty inexpensively.

Beautiful condition, with no issues to note.

Please note that all dimensions given are unstretched. The suit is stretchy, so it would fit a few inches larger in all areas.

Vintage Ski Vest

by on November 8, 2010

This vintage nylon ski vest has pink and white diamond pattern shoulders on top of a mint green base, and has a lining covered in the superman logo! It has a couple small marks (about the size of a pinpoint) but is in great condition overall… Such a fun outer layer for cool days!

Label: Supergear; Made in Hong Kong for the Jacobs Corporation; Boulder, Colorado; DC Comics Inc. 1977
Size: Jr. Teen 11/12 – fits like women’s small
100% Nylon shell; 100% nylon insulation